The company operates within multiple segments of construction works and waste management.
The result is that we are able to offer our customers the most complex treatment of their requirements.

From the range of our activities, we select:

  • Extraction, loading, transport, disposal and deposition of all kinds of waste in accordance with the requirements of the valid legislation
  • Hazardous waste disposal by the biodegradation method, “ex situ“ and “in situ“
  • Resolving the issue of oil contamination by our own biodegradation technology: Natur M - BTT
  • Remediation and reclamation works of contaminated soils, landfills, waste heaps and despoiled territories
  • Disposal of old environmental burdens
  • Disposal of oil contamination in water levels and watercourses
  • Disposal of excavated soils, construction debris and inert waste
  • Biotransformation of sludge from wastewater treatment plants
  • Chemical analysis
  • Complex environmental engineering
  • Manufacture and sales of reclamation, horticultural and over-burden soils
  • Road freight transport
  • Hazardous waste transport (ADR)
  • Procurement services in construction – engineering
  • Construction sites preparation
  • Construction works, revitalisation of buildings and parcels
  • Excavation and earthworks of all kinds
  • Demolition of buildings, premises and technological equipment
  • All type of demolition works, including blasting of chimneys and buildings
  • Procurement of services related to facility management for residential and business premises
  • Emergency service

We have our branches in Bratislava and Cerová

However, the wide network of relations established with subcontractors renders

us operational across the whole territory of the Slovak Republic and Europe.