Decontamination of areas and materials polluted by oil substances

Since 2010, we have used our own, certified biodegradation technology Natur M – BTT to solve problems of contamination by oil and oil-based products. Among our main competencies are cleaning up of contaminated sites, including decontamination of oil pollution on water surfaces and watercourses.

Collection and elimination of dangerous wastes

We can take your oily waters and sludge, cooling liquids, oils, emulsions, etc. For more exact information, see the list of wastes that we accept (below).
Scheme of biodegradation process

Scheme of biodegradation process

Recovery of sludge from urban wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs)

We transform the sludge into a product – a growing medium that can be used for instance for creation of public green spaces.

Other services

• Intake and recovery of excavated soils, construction and inert wastes
• Road and freight transport
• Transport of dangerous wastes (ADR)
• Excavation and ground works
• Demolition works
• Collection, loading, and disposal of all kinds of wastes in accordance with the law

Emergency service

In instances of accidents where damage to the environment is taking place or may take place, we can be at the location of the accident within two hours. We can effectively remove the dangerous substances (oil products, chemicals) and thereby prevent any further damages.
The emergency service is available 24 hours/day and can be contacted by phone at 034 659 9005 or 0903 253 810.

Accepted dangerous wastes Cerova

Accepted non-dangerous wastes Cerova

Accepted wastes Moravsky Svaty Jan