About Us

BTT Ltd. was established in 2005. Its establishment as a legal business entity was a logical result of market needs in the area of providing ecological services in economically less attractive segments.

The reclamation and remediation of contaminated areas were the first activities of the company from the moment of its establishment. Excellent results, reliability, stability and customer satisfaction have allowed us to gradually expand the portfolio of our services.

Over the subsequent years we started providing more complex services to our customers and, as our working teams and equipment grew and strengthened, we started to offer demolition and site preparation, production and sales of reclamation and garden soils, road and freight transport, business in the area of waste management and to provide consultancy in the field of legislation in the environmental area.

Nowadays, BTT Ltd. has at its disposal a wide range of modern collection, digging, demolition and  transport equipment. The plant in Cerová provide environmental services to the full satisfaction of our customers, in particular in the Záhorie region. However, our wide network of relations with subcontractors permits BTT to operate across the whole territory of the Slovak Republic, with particular expertise in the coverage of special needs and solutions in the segment of the disposal of various types of wastes, including hazardous wastes.

It may be stated that BTT Ltd. is a young, successful and dynamically developing company in the area of ecological services. Its professional background is provided by top experts in various areas of waste management, environmental legislation and by professionals coming from practice within the portfolio of the largest business entities operating in this area. Our team provides support for our customers in resolving all issues and situations, starting from the initial planning, throughout the execution period, up to the successful and complete finishing of the task.

Our customers are important state, municipal and private business entities, mainly operating in the areas of construction, transport, agriculture, engineering and the petrochemical industry.

The company operates within multiple segments of construction works and waste management. The result is that we are able to offer our customers the most complex treatment of their requirements.



We have our branches in Bratislava and Cerová

However, the wide network of relations established with subcontractors renders

us operational across the whole territory of the Slovak Republic and Europe.